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Iron Front - Liberation 1944

Iron Front - Liberation 1944

Few games can actually enact war.

To be honest, I don't think there are any. In most cases, the war in video games is nothing but a big advertisement for the U.S. Army, where the player plays "the good guys" and kills "the bad guys". Sometimes he accomplishes his duties with compromises, doing reprehensible things. But, still, it's always a fight between good and evil.

One thing that you can't see, though, is war conducted by real people. And, if we're talking about soldiers, there aren't good and bad guys but only winners and losers. Iron Front - Liberation 1944 puts me in the guise of a German soldier during World War II, reversing the usual perspective. Suddenly, I realize that I'm not one of the bad guys: I'm just a soldier. A soldier who follows orders.

I must say I was incredibly surprised by this game. This is what we might call a tactical FPS, but with a strong simulative component. You may die with a single shot, your ammunitions are low, guns have recoil, it's not easy to identify the enemy and it is even harder to hit them.

Iron Front - Liberation 1944

And yet, we can exploit the resources of the battlefield: we drive, use heavy artillery, anti-aircraft cannons, tanks. Fill the role of driver, passenger, gunner. Receive orders from superiors and give orders to subordinates. In a word: war.

The campaign follows the story of a German soldier named Neumann on the Eastern front. The enemy is attacking, and the Germans are gradually retreating. Unfortunately, our superior is a bastard field marshal, willing to unnecessarily sacrifice dozens of people. This is not a particularly original story, but enough to entertain us.

Iron Front - Liberation 1944

Then, there's a Russian campaign, that puts us in the shoes of an army that is winning a war. This is a nice reversal of perspective, which enables us to try some of the most enjoyable weapons in the game: tanks.

As mentioned, however, the war is not easy. We don't fight face to face with the enemy, as in the usual first person shooters. The enemy is often far away, hidden, and we find ourselves stuck in the same position for several minutes, waiting for the enemy to withdraw or die.

In these moments you realize how interesting the tactical aspect of this game is, which should not be confused with an action title: every movement, every shot must be carefully evaluated. Consider, for example, that it is possible to adjust the sights on our own rifle, according to the distance of the enemy. We must therefore consider many aspects before we pull the trigger, and if you are injured it becomes almost impossible to aim, because our hands are trembling.

Iron Front - Liberation 1944