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Boom Street

Boom Street

Boom Street may sound like explosive fun, but instead we're treated to a Monopoly inspired board game with characters from the Dragon Quest and Mario franchises.

  • Text: Mohammed Warsame | Gamereactor Norway

In Japan Itafaki Street, a Monopoly like game has been very successful over the since its initial release on Famicon back in 1991. Now the game hits Europe for the first time under the name Boom Street.

Boom Street resembles Monopoly in many ways. Players are placed on a board, and one after another they roll the dice and make their way around the board. The board in turn is divided into districts, and in different places you can acquire unowned property.

Boom Street

Other players are faced with a predetermined fee if they happen to land on your property, and players can invest money into the property in other to raise these fees. Landing on specific position can also result in bonuses that either grant you an advantage or put your opponents at a disadvantage. The objective is to reach a certain amount of wealth.

Boom Street adds an element not found in Monopoly with its stock system. You can buy and sell stocks in a district. The value of the stock is influenced by investments made in property in said district. It's a bit complex, but it is also something that adds a layer of depth, as you stand to make a lot of money if you dominate a district from a stock perspective.

Boom Street
Boom Street
Boom Street