Metroid Prime 4: Beyond

Retro Studios signs Halo character artist to Metroid Prime 4

Kyle Hefley, who created Halo's Spartans (including Master Chief), joins the studio in Texas as Lead Character Artist.

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2022-2023 at the earliest, right? Nobody would believe Metroid Prime 4 could release within the next couple of years considering its development got handed back to Retro Studios and reboted earlier this very year, after the previous project (with Bandai Namco Singapore reportedly at the helm) went sour. Its stage remains as early as the Austin-based company has been recruiting talent ever since last spring, and around E3 dates they were still looking for an art director. And now, it's been known that Halo-veteran Kyle Hefley has just joined the project as lead character artist.

The artist, as shown on his own gallery, worked on both Halo 4 and Halo 5, and was behind the final design of the Spartan soldier models. If some Halo vibes were found on previous Metroid Prime entries and vice-versa already, this talent crossover will just add to that -and we know some Gamereactor readers would kill for a proper IP crossover anyway.

The signing was originally reported by VGC, which reminds about Hefley's work on Call of Duty or Sleeping Dogs, prior to joining 343 Industries for nine years.

What do you think of the signing and, considering Retro kept building a team through 2019 and might still be in pre-production, when do you expect Metroid Prime 4 to come out and on which platforms?

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond

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