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Metroid Prime 4

Retro Studios needs help to "define emotional scenes" in Metroid Prime 4

A job ad seems to hint the next Metroid will have a more emotionally gripping narrative.

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We love the Metroid games just as much as the next guy, but we mainly enjoy them for the gameplay, the briliant puzzles and the charismatic heroine Samus Aran - not for the strong narrative. But perhaps we will need to revise this in the future as it seems like we should expect a stronger narrative in Metroid Prime 4.

The reason why we believe this, is because of a job ad, at Retro Studios, looking for a Storyboard Artist. Whoever gets this role, will "work with the cinematic lead to help maintain cinematic pillars", but also "define emotional scenes that will resonate with audiences". And it doesn't stop there as the one applying should "explore interesting and innovative scenes that elevate the narrative".

It does seem to indicate a raised bar for the Metroid narrative, in our not so very humble opinion. But what do you think?

Metroid Prime 4

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