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Metroid Prime 4

Retro Studios moves to bigger offices as Metroid Prime 4 grows in ambition

Nintendo is reportedly investing in a 40,000 square feet space for a studio that's been signing AAA talent for almost two years now.

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It first looked like it was struggling to get going, but it now seems that Metroid Prime 4 has got a solid foundation and might finally have a better-defined roadmap ahead. Fans were shocked that, even though the project was restarted in early 2019 -when it was reportedly taken from Bandai Namco Singapore's hands - it only got some artistic leadership very recently, and was still missing positions as important as a lead producer just a couple of months back.

However, the ambition remained seemingly strong and some AAA talent such as Dylan Jobe (Warhawk), Kyle Hefley (Halo), Bharathwaj 'Bat' Nandakumar (CoD: Black Ops), Marisa Palumbo (GTA), and Jhony Ljungstedt (Battlefield) joined the team in different positions as of late, a team that is getting so big for a project that is so important that Nintendo is reportedly investing in new office space for Retro Studios in Austin, Texas.

The figures grabbed by VGC (and citing sales firm Intelligence360) are $500,000 invested in a 40,000 square feet office space, which will be ready by next summer.

Even though these are good indicators for a project that (re)started really slow after a failed development in other studio's hands, the recently-confirmed hirings, together with the still-uncovered positions, and the timing for the new offices, still tell us that Samus Aran has a long journey ahead before Metroid Prime 4's release on the Nintendo Switch... or its successor.

Metroid Prime 4

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