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Skate 4

Retailer lists Skate 4 with exclusive extra on Xbox One

Skate 3 coming via backwards compatibility according to listing.

Australian retailer JBHifi has revealed that Skate 4 is heading to Xbox One, with the news landing on their website alongside a release date of August 23 this year. The listing was deleted quickly, but some users were able to grab a picture, as you can see over on Reddit.

Additional information that we thought was interesting could also be seen on the promotional cover. Exclusively on Xbox One players will get Skate 3 for free. Obviously this is another backwards compatibility deal like the one for Quantum Break (Alan Wake) and Dark Souls III (Dark Souls). It looks like Microsoft is using this feature as a unique selling point for Xbox One releases moving forward.

Electronic Arts has received a lot of messages on their Instagram account since the leak, but the publisher remains tight-lipped about what seems like an inevitable announcement for Skate 4.

Skate 4

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