Apex Legends

Respawn has announced Year 3 of the Apex Legends Global Series

It'll start in October and will have a $5 million total prize pool.

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The Apex Legends Global Series has catapulted to fame over its two years of existence. And with this being the case, Respawn Entertainment has now announced what Year 3 of the tournament will look like.

We do have a full roadmap of when each section of the tournament will take place, including that it will start with preseason qualifiers in October 2022, before rounding out with the Championship in summer 2023. Between then, there will be various online and in-person pro splits and playoff-calibre tournaments to look forward to.

And otherwise, it's worth noting that this coming year of Apex Legends Global Series will have a huge prize pool of $5 million for teams to fight over, with $1 million of that total being reserved for each split's playoffs.

Take a look at the roadmap for Year 3 of the ALGS below.

Apex Legends

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