Umbrella Corps

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps gets a demo

Multiplayer demo available for limited time on PS4.

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The latest Resident Evil spin-off from Capcom, Umbrella Corps, has just got a multiplayer demo on the PS4 in a move which literally nobody was asking for. It is only available for a limited time, however.

The demo for the ill-received and ill-advised tactical shooter features multiple maps as well as the multi-mission and one-life mode.

It is live now but will only be available until 11.59 pm PDT Saturday July 23, which is 7.59 am on Sunday July 24 in the UK. We can't see many people flocking to see it, however, and it baffles us at to why it has been released in the first place.

The demo can be played against owners of the demo and of the full game and is 3.7GB to download.

For more on Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps, check out our review.

Umbrella Corps

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