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Resident Evil: Revelations

Resident Evil: Revelations rises to the top

UK chart success for console release of zombie shooter.

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The console version of Resident Evil: Revelations, which was previously released on Nintendo 3DS, has gone straight to the top of the UK multi-format sales charts.

Metro: Last Light, last week's best selling game, tumbles down the third after a 33% drop in sales, with a resurgent FIFA 13 passing its way back into second following further price promotions (and how else are people going to get their football fix over the summer?!).

Resident Evil: Revelations

Last week's number two, Dead Island: Riptide, saw a similar dip in sales to Metro (28%), with the zombie-slasher ending up at number four in the charts. Donkey Kong Country Returns takes up the last place in the top five.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity exited the top five and ended up in thirteenth, whereas Activision's Fast & Furious: Showdown debuted in fourteenth.

Resident Evil: RevelationsResident Evil: Revelations

1. Resident Evil: Revelations | Capcom
2. FIFA 13 | EA
3. Metro: Last Light | Deep Silver
4. Dead Island: Riptide | Deep Silver
5. Donkey Kong Country Returns | Nintendo
6. Assassin's Creed III | Ubisoft
7. Tomb Raider | Square Enix
8. Far Cry 3 | Ubisoft
9. Luigi's Mansion 2 | Nintendo
10. Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins | Nintendo
11. Injustice: Gods Among Us | Warner Bros.
12. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes | Warner Bros.
13. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity | Nintendo
14. Fast & Furious: Showdown | Activision
15. Need for Speed: Most Wanted | EA
16. God of War: Ascension | Sony
17. The Walking Dead | Telltale Games
18. Bioshock Infinite | 2K Games
19. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 | Activision
20. Skylanders Giants | Activision

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