Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 to have seven DLCs

The season pass details have been revealed online.

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Capcom has revealed that Resident Evil 7 will contain seven DLC drops before the end of December 2017, and news of this comes as details of the season pass has been put on the game's Steam page. Although we know there is DLC coming, however, we don't know the actual details of the content, but instead have a rough idea of what it will contain.

When you purchase the season pass you will be granted access to an "extra story mode" as well as two volumes of "banned footage" each volume consisting of three episodes. It's unknown what is in this "banned footage" however.

Below is a list of the DLC in order of release. The additional story name is still under development, but as it's coming last the developers have time to give it a good name:

Banned Footage Vol. 1
- Nightmare
- Bedroom
- Ethan must Die
Banned Footage Vol. 2
- 21
- Daughters
- Jack's 55th Birthday
Additional Story Episode

Capcom hasn't listed a price as of yet, but the standard version will cost £55 at Game, so the deluxe edition, which will include the season pass and other content the developers choose to release over the course of the game's life, will most likely cost between £80 and £90.

The game is set to release later this month on PC, PS4, and Xbox One
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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

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