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Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 gets tie-in site generates meta game site.

While Resident Evil 6 aired a new demo at Capcom's Gamescom conference, it was the news that the game will be getting a tie-in site that'll track all your progress that made the headlines., access to which will be granted when you pick up a copy of the game, will operate similar to with profile statistics tracking your progress in the game - letting you log in either on PC, tablet or smartphone to see your scores, and compare with friends.

There'll be community features as well with global and localised challenges for players to work together on - such as killing 10,000 zombies in the game over a weekend - that'll earn players RE points, which can be collected and used to unlock costumes and rarities in the game, as well as additional content on the site. There'll be ongoing competitions that'll glorify previous winners on the site for posterity.

The site will likely launch alongside the game, while the tablet and smartphone Apps are currently in the works.

Resident Evil 6

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