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Resident Evil 4 (2004)

Resident Evil 4 is coming to virtual reality

Exclusively to Oculus Quest 2 in first-person to be specific.

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I got a feeling that many of you still were hoping Capcom would unveil Resident Evil 4: Remake in tonight's Resident Evil Showcase despite my advise, which means that some hearts have been crushed. That doesn't mean we didn't see Leon and Ashley though.

Capcom has decided to follow in the footprints of Bethesda and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by bringing Resident Evil 4 to virtual reality. Not to PlayStation VR, however, as Facebook and Armature Studios have said it's coming exclusively to Oculus Quest 2. That's just about all they are willing to say as well for the time being, but the first trailer makes it clear that the perspective has changed over to first-person instead of third. We'll see if this also applies to situations where we have to run from giant boulders or statues when more information comes in the Oculus Gaming Showcase at 11 PM BST on April 21 / 12 AM CEST on April 22. Just imagine shooting that certain lake in first-person...

Resident Evil 4 (2004)

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