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Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 has sold over 2 million copies

Capcom's latest remake, Resident Evil 3, proves once again that there's money in the realm of remakes if done right.

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While it didn't quite get the favourable reviews Resident Evil 2 did last year, Resident Evil 3 still got fairly good grades across the board and it seems as though there has been massive interest from gamers. The source to this claim is no one else than Capcom itself who has now revealed that the game has surpassed two million copies sold (digital sales is said to account for roughly 50% of those sales).

As a comparison, the original sold 3,5 million during its lifetime, so we'd say it is a good chance that the remake will pass its source material's lifetime sales in a short timeframe. It's still quite a bit to go until it reaches Resident Evil 2 though, which has now sold 6.5 million.

Resident Evil 3

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