Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 triples concurrent launch players of RE7 on Steam

Releasing two years after Biohazard, this new horror game has launched much stronger on Valve's platform in terms of players.

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If Resident Evil 2's highest steam player count is anything to go by, the recently released remake is doing well for itself. As captured and shared on Reddit, Steam Database figures reveal the all-time peak sits at 74,227 users playing concurrently. For comparison, the post also shows that Resident Evil 7 - Capcom's last mainline Resident Evil release - hit just north of 20,000 around launch.

The release follows an impressive 1-Shot Demo which launched on PC and consoles before release, elevating the day one hype for Resident Evil 2. Another Steam metric of user reviews sees the game's initial reception as "overwhelmingly positive" with almost 7,000 reviews submitted to date.

Of course these Steam figures don't tell the full story, as the title didn't sell as well physically in the UK. Boxed copy sales of the remake are about 18% lower than the figures seen for the launch of Resident Evil 7 in 2017, although this doesn't count digital sales.

The launch period isn't everything however, and Capcom has stated that in the long run, Resident Evil 2 is aiming to match the sales figures of its last entry. Similar performance at retail is expected, which eventually saw Resident Evil 7 hit 6 million sales by the end of 2018.

Is this good news for the future of the franchise?

Resident Evil 2

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