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Reports emerge of Anthem bricking PS4s after crashes

Several users on Reddit have said that the game causes the PS4 to turn off entirely, with one adding that it won't turn back on either.

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It's safe to say that there have been mixed responses to Anthem after release on February 22. It has sold well and achieved two weeks at the top of the UK boxed charts, but lukewarm reviews have gone hand in hand with reports of various issues, including a recent ResetEra post in which some players claim to have gotten refunds from Sony after the game has crashed their consoles.

This thread gathers information from Reddit in which one user claims that the game didn't crash in the usual sense, but actually completely shut down the PS4 multiple times. That's not the worst thing though, as another user claimed the same thing happened to them, except now the console won't turn on at all, warning people off of playing the game on PS4 until this issue is fixed.

Some responses have said that they got in contact with Sony about the issue and got a response immediately, giving them a refund, although others have added that they were refused a refund with the same issues.

Have you had similar issues with Anthem on PS4?


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