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Report: "Xbox Anaconda aims to be the better performing device"

According to an industry insider, Microsoft is looking to have the next Xbox "clearly" outperform the PlayStation 5.

Last week, we finally got the first details regarding PlayStation 5, which includes details like an SSD drive to speed up loading times and a third-gen AMD Ryzen CPU. While all this is confirmed, we also got some unconfirmed stuff regarding one of the console's biggest competitors - the next Xbox (which supposedly has the working name Anaconda) - during the Easter holidays.

It has previously been rumoured that Microsoft is hell bent on having the most powerful hardware next generation, and one well-known insider, Klobrille, claims to know that Xbox Two doesn't only have higher performance than Playstation 5, but is "clearly" better, as he wrote the following on Resetera:

"I know Anaconda aims to be the the (wording suggests clearly) better performing device."

Klobrille backed this up by sending some kind of proof to the Resetera administrator Nibel, who then responded:

"Klobrille just sent me something that I can't elaborate on for security reasons, but it does appear to be legit to the best of my knowledge."

Shortly after that, the editor of Seasoned Gaming, Ainsley Bowden, tweeted that he has heard the same thing from several sources:

"The PS5 hardware details (so far) were exactly what we were hoping for; even beyond what many were expecting.

Multiple insiders have now confirmed it's true Xbox "Anaconda" will be more advanced as rumored.

All this means is next year is going to be AMAZING for fans of both."

If all this is true, it's hard to disagree with the last sentence as the next-gen console wars is heating up. Do you think it will be Microsoft or Sony that will offer the most powerful console this time?

Report: "Xbox Anaconda aims to be the better performing device"

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