Report: Valve is working on a 6v6 shooter called Deadlock

The game has reportedly been in development since 2018.

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We know that Valve has claimed previously that it has multiple games in the works, but the company has been keeping its cards close to its chest. However, thanks to known leaker Tyler McVicker we might have an idea about one of those games.

According to McVicker, Valve is working on a 6v6 shooter called Deadlock. The game will also feature tower defence and strategy mechanics, and it has allegedly been in the works since 2018. It's a hero-based shooter, akin to Overwatch, with designs inspired by those of Dota 2.

The game's setting mixes fantasy and steampunk elements. It was once referred to as Citadel and Neon Prime, but Deadlock seems to be the working title for now. We'll have to wait and see if something official comes from Valve soon.


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