Half-Life: Alyx

Report: Valve Index to go back on sale next week

Although if this rumour turns out to be accurate, don't expect them to be on sale for very long.

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VR-only shooter Half-Life: Alyx is set to land on PC on March 23, and the return of the fan-favourite sci-fi series has driven VR headset sales accordingly, with Valve's own Index proving most popular of all due to some exclusive (relatively minor, it should be said) platform-specific features that you simply won't have access to on rival headsets.

Demand for the Index has caused shortages, and things haven't been helped by the ongoing health crisis surrounding coronavirus, which has impacted production of the headset. Still, if a report over on RPS is correct, then a new batch of headsets is about to go on sale.

The source of the rumour is a Tweet over on Steam Database, and it states that "Valve Index VR kits will be available for purchase on March 9th starting at 10 AM PDT (5 PM UTC). Due to high demand, Valve expects available stock to sell out on Monday."

The site states that the news comes via an official mail, wherein it confirms that Valve expects the next batch of headsets to sell out on the day they go on sale, with subsequent orders fulfilled in the order that they're received. Fastest fingers first, then.

Despite the fact that this is an unverified rumour, that hasn't stopped eager fans from getting excited. Some have even gone so far as to add the £919 a new headset costs to their Steam account in advance so as to cut down the risk of losing out due to slow payments. We're not too surprised by the eagerness that some people are showing, however, it is Half-Life after all.


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