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Mass Effect Trilogy

Report: There's remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy on the way

Could Commander Shepard be preparing to return for a remastered adventure?

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Just yesterday we wrote about EA's plans for the coming year, and at the end of that report we mentioned a game that EA remains "tight-lipped about". Since then, however, a report over on VentureBeat has identified what the unannounced game might be and they're calling it a remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy.

It's not an outrageous suggestion either. The Mass Effect series has been quiet since Andromeda left many underwhelmed, and there is a big appetite for remasters and nostalgic experiences, something that has caused rumours to circulate around a potential return for Mass Effect for some time.

If the report is accurate and the unannounced game is Mass Effect, the trilogy will land at some point in the current fiscal year (therefore, before April 2021), although the site mentions that we shouldn't expect it to launch on Switch, "at least not at first".

If this is true, would you be interested in experiencing the Mass Effect trilogy once again?

Mass Effect Trilogy

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