The Quarry

Report: The Quarry and High on Life were meant to be Stadia releases

Both titles were being made for Google's streaming service before being moved elsewhere.

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It seems that before deciding to scale back on its game development support, Google may have been on track for bringing a couple of exciting and well-received titles to its streaming service Stadia.

This is because a new report from Axios has revealed that both Supermassive Games' The Quarry and Squanch Games' upcoming High on Life were being created to launch on Stadia, but due to the collapse of the game development aspect of the service, were moved to release elsewhere.

There has not been anything official tying either game to Google or Stadia, and likewise neither Supermassive or Squanch has commented on this report or directly answered these claims.

You can read our review of The Quarry here, and can look forward to playing High on Life this October, when it launches as a PC and Xbox console exclusive.

The Quarry

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