Doom: The Dark Ages

Report: The next Doom game will focus on medieval times

Doom: The Dark Ages is reportedly going to be revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase.

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We're just over a week away from the Xbox Games Showcase, and ahead of it we have some speculation on the upcoming Doom game. As we reported earlier in the month, it is expected we'll see something Doom-related at the showcase.

Now, Insider Gaming has some more information on what that Doom game could be. Apparently, it'll be called Doom: The Dark Ages and will feature a medieval-inspired world. Whatever that means is unclear, but it could point to fantasy Doom.

If the developers at id feel as though they've explored all they can in a sci-fi setting, perhaps a look at the first incarnation of the Doom Slayer could give us a welcome change of pace. With medieval combat at the heart as well, we'd get up close and personal with almost all of our enemies.

Doom: The Dark Ages

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