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League of Legends

Report: The LCS is looking to be overhauled by Riot

It seems the North American league is set to undergo some stark changes soon.

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It has been claimed that the League Championship Series (LCS) is looking to be overhauled by Riot Games, according to a video by Travis Gafford, and reported by The Esports Observer. Said to fix the issues regarding the lack of impact over the early stages of the season, the changes are expected to eliminate the Spring Split entirely, Gafford suggests.

The new system will instead see a full, regular season running through Spring and Summer, where there will be an increased number of games, as teams will now play each other five times, instead of four. This will of course mean more broadcast days to accommodate, seeing three full days planned, compared to the current two and a half. There will still be a mid-season invitational, which is essentially the Spring Split playoffs, meaning plenty of high stakes competitions will still be occurring.

In the video by Gafford, a statement from the LCS Commissioner was provided stating; "The LCS team is always listening to community feedback, and we evaluate potential new changes to our format every offseason. As always, we'll have more information on the upcoming season closer to its start date."

With the claimed changes, do you think the LCS will have a more crucial early season?

League of Legends

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