Report: The Boys are coming to Fortnite

Homelander is about to lay waste to Tilted Towers.

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Fortnite is always willing to bring in any popular IP for a collaboration, it seems, and so we're not surprised to hear rumours that a crossover with The Boys could be coming to the battle royale sometime soon.

The Boys is set to kick back off on Amazon Prime Video on the 13th of June, and so it makes sense for the collaboration to arrive sooner rather than later. We've heard from insider Nick Baker that certain characters would join in as new skins.


We're not exactly sure what those characters could be as Baker didn't specify in the XboxEra Podcast, but we can imagine there will be a fair few supes in the mix. Homelander, Starlight, and Billy Butcher all feel like definite inclusions, with other characters like A-Train, Hughie, and Black Noir probably in the running as well.

Who do you want to see come to Fortnite from The Boys?


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