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Report: Team Liquid re-sign Jensen to massive contract

The League of Legends mid-laner will be staying with Liquid for another three years.

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Team Liquid is reportedly re-signing League of Legends mid-laner, Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen to an astonishing $4.2 million deal. Set to tie Jensen to the organisation for a further three years, this contract will make him the highest-paid LCS player on record.

Jensen has been part of Team Liquid's League roster since 2018, when he joined in mid-November on a two-year deal. Since then, Jensen and the Liquid team has become a threatening figure on the LCS scene, landing several first place, and podium finishes. The one area this Liquid line-up, including Jensen has struggled with has been successfully breaking into Worlds, as the team has routinely finished in the 9-12 positions.

With this record-breaking contract, Jensen becomes the highest paid player in the LCS, the question is, will we be seeing anymore contracts of this calibre anytime soon?

Thanks, GinX.

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