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Report: Sony struggling to keep PS5 costs down

A new report has outlined Sony's ongoing challenge when it comes to sourcing the parts it needs to keep the costs of the PlayStation 5 at a reasonable level.

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A new report has shed light on Sony's ongoing attempts to settle on a price for the PlayStation 5, with the rising cost and scarcity of components apparently keeping the company in limbo when it comes to the eventual RRP of the platform holder's next home console.

The PS5 is due out later this year, at the same time as the Xbox Series X, and according to the new report on Bloomberg, Microsoft's plans are also a factor for Sony as it prepares to show more of the upcoming console.

The report explains how Sony usually fixes its new-gen pricing around now, and then goes into production in the spring, however, anonymous sources have claimed that the console maker is taking a "wait-and-see approach" this time around, with both DRAM and NAND flash memory in short supply due to competition from smartphone manufacturers. The increased power of the PS5 also requires a more expensive cooling system, the report adds.

It is suggested that Sony is struggling to get the price down below $450 per unit. For comparison, the report points to estimates from 2013 that the PS4, which retailed at $399, cost $381 to manufacture, giving Sony a wafer-thin difference between production cost and money taken on each console sold. To avoid making a loss on the PS5, as it stands, the retail price would be pushed closer to $470 per unit.

The report also suggests that Sony is planning on making a new PSVR headset, although that would apparently be after the launch of the PS5 later this year.

With the full impact of the coronavirus yet to be felt (although so far the outbreak hasn't had an impact on next-gen production) and with Microsoft yet to show its hand - that'll likely happen at this year's E3 in June - we may be some way off hearing about Sony's plans for the PlayStation 5.

Report: Sony struggling to keep PS5 costs down

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