Skull and Bones

Report: Skull and Bones is off to a very slow start

Less than a million people are playing it ten days after the release.

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Ubisoft says Skull and Bones is their first AAAA-title (where AAA is usualy used to describe really big productions), but most media, Gamereactor included, begs to differ and thinks it has way too little content for a fully priced game and often feels free-to-play.

Unfortunately for Ubisoft, gamers don't seem to be too impressed either, and according to Insider Gaming, only 850,000 people are playing it ten days after the release. And it gets worse, as that number includes the free trial Ubisoft provides, which lets you play the game for eight hours.

While some of gamers using the trial-offering surely will buy Skull and Bones, a whole lot of them won't, and it seems like the game is off to a start that should worry Ubisoft and encourage them to either lowering the price or even considering a move to a free-to-play model.

Would you play Skull and Bones if it was sold at a lower price?

Skull and Bones

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