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Report: Rocksteady's Superman at The Game Awards?

More fuel to the never-ending rumor.

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The interwebs have been talking about a possible Superman game developed by Rocksteady since Batman: Arkham Knight was released, with supposed 'leaks' showing up here and there. Regardless, Rocksteady has been quiet about what they are doing, merely asking fans patience when they were a no-show at last E3.

Well, with The Game Awards just around the corner (December 7, 2:30 am CET), and several announced games confirmed to be revealed, new indications have surfaced regarding the supposed Superman game. A coincidence? Perhaps. The folks at Game System Requirements listed a page for Superman: World's Finest, an "action adventure" developed by Rocksteady, with no other information being made available.

We have no idea what lead the site to publish the page. Was it a mistake? Wishful thinking? Or do they actually know something? We have no idea, but as we said, The Game Awards is just around the corner...

Report: Rocksteady's Superman at The Game Awards?

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