Report: PS5 to be based on AMD's Navi, devkits sent out

Rumoured 2018 release could still happen, apparently.

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Sony's PlayStation 5 console could be closer than many would've expected, that's if today's report is to be believed. Apparently, a good number of devkits have been shipped to developers already, which is in line with recent rumours suggesting a potential 2018 release, something that seemed totally out of the question as the new year begun.

The source of the info is SemiAccurate, which (ironically) was pretty accurate with previous hardware-related leaks and analysis. However, as the content is posted behind a paywall, sites such as Wccftech have echoed its bullet points.

There's nothing set in stone about concrete specs, but the source claims PS5's brain will be an eight-core Zen CPU, with the architecture of the GPU based on AMD's next-gen graphics system, Navi. Both would be optimised for better VR performance, which leads us to think PSVR will keep evolving with time and into the new generation.

The same source points out that many devkits have been sent out to developers already, even speculating around the aforementioned 2018 release window, but at the same time suggesting fall 2019 is the most likely scenario.

What do you make of these supposedly leaked details of PS5?

Report: PS5 to be based on AMD's Navi, devkits sent out

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