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Report: PlayStation 5 will run every new PS4 game

Apparently, starting in a few weeks, all games sent for certification for PS4 will work on PS5 too.

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Sony just confirmed the much-rumoured PlayStation 5 event for next week, but that doesn't mean that there isn't stuff to tell you about ahead of time.

Eurogamer's Tom Phillips reports that developer documentation he has seen states that every PlayStation 4 game submitted for certification from July 13 must also work on the PlayStation 5. This matches up with what we've heard, except that we didn't know the specific date.

It's important to note that Sony doesn't require the games to run better on the stronger console, just that it works. Still, it's nice news to get after the somewhat muddled messaging in Mark Cerny's presentation back in March.

Report: PlayStation 5 will run every new PS4 game

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