Report: PlayStation 5 will become better this summer

Trustworthy sources claim we'll finally be able to expand the storage space with a SSD and that overheating is one of the reasons why we can't right now.

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One of the most common complaints about the PlayStation 5 these days, besides not being able to get one, is that the built-in SSD only has 667.2GB of usable storage. With some games being more than 100GB, this has proven to be an issue for some already despite the console having an input for external M.2 SSDs in the back. It doesn't work right now, however, something Sony made clear before launch. The closest we came to a reasoning back then was that no current SSD meet the requirements of the console, but the Japanese company said this would change in 2021. Now it seems like we know when and another reason for the wait.

Bloomberg's Takashi Mochizuki, who's proven extremely trustworthy about the inner workings at Sony and its plans for PlayStation 5, states that a new firmware update will enable the PlayStation 5's SSD slot and allow us to expand our storage this summer.

But what is the actual problem? Well, Mochizuki-san's sources claim the firmware update will make the console's fan more effective, which will prevent it from overheating when using an external SSD.

Now we'll just have to see exactly what "summer" means, how much supported SSDs will cost then, if the console will become significantly louder because of it and certainly not least: if it's easier to buy a PS5 by then.

Report: PlayStation 5 will become better this summer

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