Report: PlayStation 5 redesign starts production 2022

The report states that it is set to feature a a slightly different CPU.

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According to a new report from the Taiwanese business source DigiTimes, Sony is currently preparing a redesign of PlayStation 5, which is supposed to enter production during quarter two or three next year. Their sources explains it will include a "new semi-customized" AMD 6nm CPU, which is said to be cheaper to manufacture than the current 5nm.

As noted by VGC, the Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki revealed during the latest investor call that Sony are in fact trying to increase the shipments of the console and considers doing so by finding other suppliers or altering the hardware itself.

As PlayStation 5 is the largest console ever made, we assume this new version will be smaller, and hopefully also somewhat cheaper judging by the lesser manufacturing costs for the CPU. It remains to be seen if there will also be new features.

If the manufacturing starts at quarter two or three as reported, then we probably can look forward to a launch next Christmas of this new PlayStation 5.

Report: PlayStation 5 redesign starts production 2022

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