Okami HD

Report: Okami HD headed to PS4 and Xbox One in December

Two sources have reported this.

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Okami was released originally for the PlayStation 2 over ten years ago, being received with a positive response on the console, and now Kotaku is reporting that Okami HD is being ported to the PS4 and Xbox One by Capcom in time for a December release.

Kotaku says this has been told to them by two independent sources, both of which they've verified, and that the evidence they've seen shows two different European retail chains have added Okami HD to their internal releases physical calendar. Both list the game as coming on December 12, and the physical release is good news, as the 2012 HD version was only available as a digital download in the west.

This release date should be taken with a pinch of salt, but considering two sources seem to agree that it's coming, it seems likely that it is at some point. Is Okami one of your favourite PS2 games?

Okami HD

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