Report: Nintendo readies new hardware for E3 reveal?

Updated: company states no announcement is due.

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Update: Nintendo have told Official Nintendo Magazine that no announcement is due for E3.

Original story: There is a torrent of corroborating stories hitting the internet with one thing in common - sources claim Nintendo will reveal new hardware at E3.

We've already heard of Nintendo's approach this year, opting out of a traditional press conference in favour of a Smash Bros tourney, and what sounds like a beefed up Nintendo Direct.

MCV, Videogamer and the Nintendo Voice Chat:

"We've heard rumors that Nintendo might be showing hardware at E3," IGN editor Jose Otero said on the latest episode of Nintendo Voice Chat.

"They're absolutely going to show new hardware this year," the outlet's co-founder, Peer Schneider added. "No doubt in my mind that something... 'Cause I've heard from multiple people now. I've heard from someone who used to be at Nintendo, I've heard it from somebody on the third-party front."

It should be said that the Voice Chat kept the discussion speculative, so it was by no means absolute confirmation - more of the loose talk variety.

However, both MCV and Videogamer claim to have sources telling them there is new hardware at E3. Videogamer connected it with the rumours of Nintendo Fusion, but there's no way to tell exactly what this refers to at this point. It could be an alternative version of the Wii U, perhaps with less emphasis on the GamePad. Or it could be that Nintendo are simply moving ahead with a new console in order to combat Sony and Microsoft. Or it could just be smoke without fire.

Stay tuned as we're sure there will be more noise on this subject leading up to E3 in June.

Report: Nintendo readies new hardware for E3 reveal?
The Wii U has been struggling sales wise, could Nintendo be lining up a successor already?

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