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Report: Microsoft to announce Xbox Lockhart in August

According to a recent report, Microsoft will be announcing the rumoured Xbox Lockhart later this year.

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For years now, there have been reports claiming that Microsoft will in fact launch two new consoles for the next generation. Xbox Series X has already been announced but the second one, presumably with the working title Xbox Lockhart, still hasn't been shown.

Now GamesBeat has published a report "confirming", with their own sources, that Xbox Lockhart will be revealed in August (which is also in line with what Eurogamer states) after initially being planned for this month. The new console will be weaker than Xbox Series X and run the same games in lower resolutions for people who just want a cheaper next-gen console.

According to The Verge's editor Tom Warren on Twitter, Lockhart will still have a faster CPU than Playstation 5 and support ray-tracing. Would you be interested in a cheaper Xbox console next generation?

Report: Microsoft to announce Xbox Lockhart in August

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