Report: Korean esports broadcasting station, OGN is to close

The first esports broadcasting station is set to close its doors indefinitely.

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Reports are coming out of South Korea suggesting that the first major esports broadcast station, OGN is to close its doors indefinitely. No official information has been revealed as of yet, however, multiple claims have been made, even with plenty of esports talent and players jumping on to the information to give condolences and reminisce about their history with the station.

The most notable claim about OGN closing comes from South Korean reporter and photographer, Kenzi, who on his Twitter account, stated: "The world's first esports broadcasting station, OGN will disappear into history." This is a pretty substantial claim that can hardly mean much else, but as with anything, we will have to wait until OGN makes an official statement to know anymore.

For anyone who doesn't recognise the OGN, this broadcasting station has produced content for a huge plethora of games, across many years. Whether that has been StarCraft, League of Legends, or even Overwatch before it's league formats were introduced. OGN has made a massive mark on esports and whilst it is a shame to see it go, it has paved the way for esports to become a more mainstream media, and for that it will be remembered.

Report: Korean esports broadcasting station, OGN is to close

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