Report: Insomnia Gaming Festival organiser staff laid off

Player1 Events has faced mass redundancies and now the future of the physical event is up in the air.

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One of the biggest gaming events every year in the UK is the Insomnia Gaming Festival, a physical convention that has been operated and run by Player1 Events for the past couple of years after the festival was acquired by its parent company Supernova Capital from retailer Game back in 2021. However, this won't be the case going forward as mass redundancies have hit the organiser.

A variety of former staff members have taken to social media to confirm that this is happening, but nothing official has come from any of the companies involved as of yet.

Esports News UK has published a report where it reveals that all staff at Player 1 Events have been laid off. It's unclear the exact number of people affected, and likewise what the future will hold for the Insomnia Gaming Festival now (especially with the next planned for Brimingham between September 4-8), but it is mentioned that a public announcement from Player1/Supernova is expected soon, so hopefully these questions will be answered imminently.

Report: Insomnia Gaming Festival organiser staff laid off

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