Report: Hollywood is gearing up to delay its biggest movies again

In this economic climate, it isn't looking good for a lot of blockbusters films right now.

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We all treated the New Year as a way to restart what was a pretty grim year, but not a whole has really changed, in fact you could argue things have got a little worse. Because of this, it seems like a lot of those massive blockbuster films we were excited about finally seeing (i.e. No Time To Die, Black Widow, Fast 9) may be subject to delays once again - at least that is what seems to be on the cards according to Variety.

The article by Variety that brings all of this into question basically states that for all of the huge May releases that were planned, which includes the movies mentioned above, unless we start seeing marketing pushes very, very soon then the studios behind each production is likely looking to instead delay them once again. From a consumer standpoint this does feel exhausting to hear, but considering these films cost hundreds of millions to produce, the studios know that they can't turn a profit releasing them in this climate.

As vaccinations are becoming more and more common, this spree of delaying will hopefully not continue for much longer, but it does seem unlikely that we'll get to see a lot of these blockbuster movies on the big screen come May.

Report: Hollywood is gearing up to delay its biggest movies again

Thanks, Variety.

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