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IOI Project Dragon

Report: Hitman devs are making a fantasy RPG for Xbox

IO Interactive isn't just making a James Bond game, but something similar to Skyrim as well.

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We already knew that IO Interactive is working on a James Bond game, but the Danish studio has been teasing another secret project as well. Or, at least it used to be secret.

Usually very reliable Jez Corden from Windows Central has decided to reveal that IO Interactive is also working on a fantasy RPG with the fitting code name Project Dragon, something I can confirm. What makes this already interesting information extra fascinating is that the game is set to be published by Xbox Games Studios, making it exclusive to PC and Xbox Series. One of the reasons why I don't mention the Xbox One is that this project is in the very early stages of development, so we probably won't see it for at least two or three years. Still, knowing that the Hitman developers will get to spread their wings with something entirely new is very exciting, and it's not the only Scandinavian studio that has signed a publishing deal with Microsoft. I'll let that last tease stay a secret though, but please let me know who you hope it is.

IOI Project Dragon

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