For Honor

Report: For Honor has lost 95% of Steam player base

Concurrent players and players-per-hour are down.

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For Honor launched back in February and since then has had a number of issues with things like connectivity, causing the Steam reviews to shift to mostly negative back in April (although it's now mixed, with recent being mostly negative), and this may be one of the reasons why, according to a report by GitHyp, the game has lost 95% of its player base on Steam.

The same report states that, after half of the Steam players left the game within the first two weeks on Steam, this number continued to decline, moving from a peak of 45,000 concurrent players close to launch to a peak of 3,400 in recent days. Players-per-hour have also dropped, with February seeing 56,000 PPH whereas last weekend saw this reduced to 2,700.

Do these figures surprise you?

For Honor

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