Report: Final Fantasy VII: Remake enjoys huge early success
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Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Report: Final Fantasy VII: Remake enjoys huge early success

According to a new report, 2.3 million players got stuck into Final Fantasy VII: Remake within the first three days of its release.

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Final Fantasy VII: Remake has now been available for a week and the game seems to have been received very positively by gamers and critics (you can read our review over here if you want to know what we think). Although Square Enix has not yet shared the official sales data, we have some initial indication thanks to GamStat, which tried to interpret the performance of the long-awaited remake.

According to the service, Final Fantasy VII: Remake appears to have been installed on 2.3 million PSN accounts in the first three days of launch, although, it must be said, GamStat statistics are not very accurate, as they do not calculate shared accounts and those who play offline, so the numbers are likely to be higher.

For the moment, we know for sure that the game sold 700,000 copies at launch in Japan, but these numbers only count retail copies, and therefore all the copies sold digitally are missing - which, given the COVID-19 emergency, will be a lot.

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Final Fantasy VII: Remake

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