Fallout 4

Report: Fallout 4 is becoming increasingly popular as the TV series approaches

Since the last trailer was released, the number of Fallout 4 players on Xbox has increased by 33%.

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The upcoming Fallout series on Amazon Prime looked promising right from the first leaked footage from the set, and as we've received both official photos and trailers, the hype has grown even more. And apparently this is also reflected in the gaming world.

In a new report from TrueAchievements, based on data collected from 2.4 million Xbox accounts, Fallout 4 has had a big boost lately. Since the last trailer was released on March 7, the number of players looking to revisit Bethesda's radioactive wasteland has increased by 33%. It is now once again one of the 40 most played titles for Xbox nine years after its initial release. Fallout 76 also saw an increase, albeit a smaller one of around 6%.

We checked the situation on Steam (via SteamDB) and can only conclude that there is a certain increase there as well, albeit slightly less. Four days after the trailer was released, the highest number of concurrent Fallout 4 players since August 2023 was recorded.

Fallout 4

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