Report: Epic not allowing any in-person Fortnite LAN events until Q2 2022

The decision comes from a leaked statement by Elite Esports general manager.

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A recent leaked decision has popped up revealing that Epic Games will not be hosting any in-person Fortnite LAN events until Q2 2022 at the earliest. The information comes from a leaked statement from Elite Esports general manager Connoreo, who has shared the decision over Twitter.

"Today, Epic Games notified us that they will not allow any in-person events to take place due to the pandemic... until Q2 2022, or when the global impact from COVID-19 has diminished," said Connoreo.

The decision to stop LAN events until at least April next year does seem to be quite a rash one, especially since this means there will be no Fortnite World Cup in 2021 and considering a variety of LAN events are beginning to take place once again. As Epic themselves hasn't yet commented or released any further information regarding the decision, we'll have to wait to see if they intend to maintain this course.

Photo: Epic Games

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