Report: Don't expect Starfield to be released for PlayStation 5

Windows Central editor: "I have great sourcing that nobody is working on Starfield for PlayStation right now."

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Microsoft had an event last month explaining that they are sticking to their exclusive games, but will still release some titles for other formats where it makes sense. The four games confirmed for PlayStation and Switch were all over a year old and two of them live service in need of bigger audiences as they seem to be maxed out for the current formats; Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, Grounded and Sea of Thieves.

Before this was confirmed, there were plenty of rumours claiming Starfield would be coming to PlayStation 5 as well, and even after Microsoft's new policy was presented, there have been the occasional rumour about it. But perhaps people shouldn't hope too much, as the Windows Central editor Jez Corden (known to be reliable) now says on X that it won't happen anytime soon and there isn't even a PlayStation 5 version in development:

"I'll say definitively: I have great sourcing that nobody is working on Starfield for PlayStation right now."

So there we have it. While it could still come, no one working on it means that it's very far off.

Starfield players are currently waiting for the Shattered Space expansion, which likely will be announced soon, and hopefully released fairly shorty afterwards.


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