Report: Discord and Microsoft have ended deal talks

Microsoft was preparing to offer $10 billion to buy the social platform.

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A few weeks ago, it was reported that Discord, the social networking and chat platform used primarily by gamers was potentially going to be sold, with Microsoft being one of the interested parties looking to buy the company. Well, it looks like that isn't going to be happening, as a recent report from The Wall Street Journal has stated that Microsoft and Discord have ended deal talks.

When the report about Discord looking to sell first came about, the company was valued at $7 billion, with Microsoft preparing to offer $10 billion to acquire the company, an acquisition that would cost Microsoft more than its recent ZeniMax deal that came in at $7.5 billion. As Microsoft are usually quite open to acquiring new companies and technology, it still seemed like the deal was a pretty probable option, however Discord is reportedly looking to remain as an independent company instead.

The interesting part about this deal falling through is that in The Wall Street Journal's report, it was stated, "those talks ended without a deal, though it is possible they could be rekindled in the future, some of the people said", which does seem to suggest that a world where Microsoft owns Discord isn't impossible.

Report: Discord and Microsoft have ended deal talks

Thanks, The Wall Street Journal.

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