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Diablo Immortal

Report: Diablo Immortal raked in $49 million in its first month

The free-to-play mobile game averaged over $1 million a day throughout June.

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Diablo Immortal has faced a lot of criticism ever since it launched at the start of June. The game has been dragged through the mud by fans who have discovered the impact that microtransactions have on the endgame grind for the title, and over the past four weeks, we've seen stories of players spending thousands of dollars in the search for better loot, sometimes without success.

But how much money has Diablo Immortal and its microtransactions made over the entirety of June, you ask? Well according to the data collection site Appmagic (thanks, Mobilegamer), that number is just shy of $50 million. In fact, it's $48,988,970 to be exact, which is spread in such a way that every day since launch has seen Diablo Immortal pull in over $1 million for Blizzard.

This is of course on top of the 10 million total downloads, which has already seen Immortal have the biggest launch in Diablo history, as Diablo III was claimed to hit the 10 million sales mark around six weeks after release.

Have you been playing Diablo Immortal, and likewise have you felt the impact of microtransactions at all?

Diablo Immortal

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