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Diablo Immortal

Report: Diablo Immortal has already made over $100 million in revenue

The title is in the top 15 apps when it comes to mobile spending on the App Store and on Google Play.

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A new report from the market data intelligence company Sensor Tower has stated that Diablo Immortal has already generated over $100 million in revenue since its release less than two months ago.

According to the data, this makes Diablo Immortal the second-fastest mobile title of all-time to reach the statistic, as Pokémon Go remains uncontested in the number one slot after only taking two weeks to amass $100 million in revenue. After Diablo Immortal comes Fire Emblem Heroes, which completed the feat in ten weeks.

This success has also seen Diablo Immortal recognised in the top 15 of apps on the App Store and on Google Play when looking solely at mobile player spending, something that was no doubt helped by the game's very recent launch in China, where it became the number one title across all categories on the App Store on launch day.

This is all also considering the backlash that Blizzard has been facing from fans who are unhappy about the way that Diablo Immortal has been monetised.

Diablo Immortal

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