Report: Dell cuts its sponsorship ties with Riot Games

The decision comes following sexual harassment allegations against Riot Games' CEO.

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A few days ago, Riot Games' CEO Nicolo Laurent was accused of sexual harassment by former excutive asisstant Sharon O'Donnel in a report by Dot Esports. Shortly following the allegation, reports that Dell would be pulling its Alienware sponsorship from League of Legends started popping up. Well today, The Esports Observer has confirmed that "Dell is no longer a Riot Games sponsor."

The partnership itself was set to conclude at the end of the year anyway, but the allegations caused Dell to cut ties with the publisher early. Considering Alienware, Dell's gaming brand, was a major sponsor for all four major League of Legends leagues, this decision will leave the esports scene with a mighty big hole to fill, both in a financial and brand sense.

Riot has since conducted an investigation into Laurent, and come to the conclusion "that there was no evidence that Laurent harassed, discriminated, or retaliated against the plaintiff." This has meant that no further action has been taken against Laurent by Riot, although that hasn't stopped Dell from pulling their sponsorship deal early.

Report: Dell cuts its sponsorship ties with Riot Games

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