Death Stranding

Report: Death Stranding is playable from start to finish

Bizarre and ambitious PS4 exclusive might be closer than expected.

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With little, very weird gameplay footage shown so far, and with the typical never-ending cryptic teasing by Hideo Kojima, common wisdom would say Death Stranding still has years to go before launch, but what if the game was already playable from start to finish, what if it actually entered the so-called "polishing phase"?

That's what Japanese magazine Asahi Shimbun suggests after its latest interview with Hideo Kojima which, despite being recently published, was conducted back in September. As grabbed by Wccftech, the Japanese creator has been playing through the whole thing, supervising and asking for changes and tweaks here and there. That would actually mean that the game is indeed entering its final development phase, with all gameplay elements ready "since last summer". However, it should be noted that some games do take a long time from being playable from start to finish until they're actually released.

With this report in mind, it is reasonable to think that we might get to play Death Stranding next year on PS4. Are you excited to see what Kojima's new game is all about?

Death Stranding

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