Report: Bobby Kotick is interested in buying TikTok

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Once again, TikTok is at the heart of controversy in the US, as the Senate is trying to remove the social media owned by Chinese company ByteDance from app stores. If ByteDance doesn't sell TikTok, it might lose the US as an audience, which could be disastrous for the platform going forward.

A somewhat surprising familiar face is looking to potentially buy the platform. Bobby Kotick, disgraced former boss at Activision Blizzard, is reportedly floating the idea of buying the company with a business partner or two.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Kotick has approached OpenAI CEO Sam Altman about potentially picking up TikTok. Still, we're unsure what the future of the social media platform will look like. If it is to be sold, it's sure to fetch a pretty penny at auction.

Report: Bobby Kotick is interested in buying TikTok

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