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Report: Australian Football League considering esports move

AFL's Darren Birch revealed the news.

According to a report by WAToday the Australian Football League is preparing to enter the world of esports to increase the exposure of the brand as well as boost sponsorship revenue.

"Esports events sell out," AFL's growth, digital and audiences general manager Darren Birch said to Fairfax Media. "They are amazing live events."

"There are more screens, more activities going on, more lights, more LED displays. Some of the tournaments I have seen show that esports is more concert-like than sport-like, but that's what appeals to that younger audience."

"All of these things make the experience bigger and bolder than your average sport."

The AFL is allegedly aiming to transfer their experience co-ordinating traditional sports into the world of esports, and have been inspired by other esports teams formed by traditional sports teams, such as PSG Esports.

"Esports is very strong in the millennial area," Birch continued, "so for us it is about diverse exposure to that audience. That's no different to AFLW where we became more relevant to a female audience."

"Whether that translates into football is somewhat relevant but also not totally relevant. We want AFL, through esports, to have the ability to generate a broader appeal for clubs and be able to bring more sponsors, revenue and consumption of your brand - whether that's a live footy event or a live esports event."

Do you think that moving into esports is a smart move for traditional sports organisations?

Photo: About Australia

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